Location, Location…

As you’ll no doubt know from other posts, our local beach, Fresh West, has hosted a couple of films. Pembrokeshire is a popular location for filming, and we’ve gathered a list of movies filmed at local locations:

Barafundle Still from Third Star, filmed at Barafundle

  • Bounty adverts
  • Third Star (2010) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1510906)


  • The Hollow Crown (2012) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt2262456)


  • Moby Dick (1956), (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0049513) also Ceibwr Bay
  • Under Milk Wood (1972) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0070854)
  • Baltic Storm (2003) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0313250)

Freshwater WestHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2010) Shell cottage scenes filmed at Freshwater West

  • The Thief of Bagdad (1940) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0033152/)
  • Robin Hood (2010) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0955308/), with Russell Crowe & Cate Blanchett
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0926084/) & Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1201607/), site of Shell Cottage & Dobby’s grave
  • Their Finest (2016) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1661275)
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-2011) (https://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.org/wiki/The_Sarah_Jane_Adventures)


  • The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (1988) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0094500), The White Witch’s Castle and Cair Paravel exterior
  • Dragonworld (1994) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0109661)
  • Basil (1998) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0118686)
  • I Capture the Castle (2003) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0300015)
  • Other filming at Manorbier (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/search/title?locations=Manorbier,%20Pembrokeshire,%20Wales,%20UK&ref_=ttloc_loc_3)


  • The Lion in Winter (1968) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0063227)
  • Snow White and the Hunstman (2012) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1735898)
  • Time Team (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0108961/?ref_=adv_li_tt) Episode: Gateholm Island, Pembrokeshire (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt2202251/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2012)

Milford Haven

  • The Onedin Line (1971–1980) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0074035)

PembrokeJabberwocky (1977) filmed at Pembroke Castle and Bosherston

  • The Lion in Winter (1968) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0063227)
  • Jabberwocky (1977) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0076221)
  • The Bad Education Movie (2015) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt4660980)
  • Me Before You (2016) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt2674426)
  • Other TV programmes filmed in Pembroke (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/search/title?locations=Pembroke%20Castle,%20Pembrokeshire,%20Wales,%20UK&ref_=ttloc_loc_2)


  • Under Milk Wood (2015) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt3623668/)


  • Vanity Fair (1998) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0159090)
  • The Edge of Love (2008) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0819714)
  • Sherlock (2017) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt3845892), episode: The Final Problem, with St Catherine’s Fort standing in for Sherrinford

Trecwyn Valley

  • Starlight Express 3D (2003) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0367091)

Unidentified Pembrokeshire locations

  • Beauty Spots in South Wales (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1124074/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (1912)
  • Law and Disorder (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0051847/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (1958)
  • Fury at Smugglers’ Bay (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0057085/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (1961)
  • Merlin (1998) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0130414)
  • Devil’s Bridge (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1595838/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2010)
  • Playing Burton (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1778872/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2011)
  • Dante’s Daemon (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt1954363/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2013)
  • A Great Welsh Adventure with Griff Rhys Jones (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt3504066/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2014– )
  • Love Me (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt3693996/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2014– )
  • Walking Through History (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt4614532/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2013– ) Episode: The Norman Conquest of Pembrokeshire (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt4686920/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2015)
  • Prevenge (2016) (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt5154288)
  • The Job Hunt (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt4893036/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2016)
  • Life on the Wild Side (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt6242266/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2017 TV Movie)
  • The Harbour (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt7577892/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2017– )
  • Sea Wolf (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt7540060/?ref_=adv_li_tt) (2018)
  • Other filming in Pembrokeshire (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/search/title?locations=Pembrokeshire,%20Wales,%20UK&ref_=ttloc_loc_6)