Bell tent glamping at
Warren Farm, Wales

Camp rules

Staying at Warren Farm, Wales means being one of the family. But like most families there are a few Camp Rules to make sure that everybody gets the most out of their visit:

  1. Let us know if there’s anything you need. We usually also have various things you can borrow, buy or just have. And if there’s anything wrong we’ll do our best to get things fixed ASAP. We’d much rather get things sorted so you can get on with enjoying yourself
  2. If you’ve borrowed something from the barn, please return it in the same state. And please put things back where you found them. Always accompany any children who aren’t old enough to follow the rules
  3. We’re a small & intimate site, and noise travels easily. We’d appreciate it if you kept the noise to a minimum between 10pm and 8am, especially if there are any families staying with small children
  4. We don’t allow amplified music. Please leave your bluetooth speakers at home. But feel free to bring an acoustic guitar to quietly strum around the campfire
  5. We’re close to Castlemartin Range, which hosts live tank training exercises. Firing times vary, but they usually take a holiday in August. You may experience noise during the day, usually only between 9am to 5pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays are often night firing, which can be very exciting to watch. Flares and tracer fire give us a firework display twice a week
  6. Broken a glass? Don’t worry, we understand that accidents happen. We have spares of pretty much all the equipment in the tents and the bunkhouse, ready to swap over as needed. But do let us know, so that we can make sure you, and the next guests, can enjoy all the facilities in full working order
  7. Please take care when using the trampoline or other facilities. We can’t take responsibility for any acrobatics. We also ask that you take off your shoes before using the trampoline. Max 2 adults at a time. Please be considerate of other guests: don’t use the trampoline when others are likely to be asleep (between 10pm and 8am)
  8. Only light fires in the dedicated campfire bowls. Please empty ash into the metal buckets provided, to minimise the risk of fire
  9. Don’t leave food outside: our foxes are wily and will happily steal your breakfast bacon. They’ve even been known to make off with bags of fresh ground coffee
  10. Please read the booking terms. As on any holiday, we recommend that you take out travel insurance in case you have to cancel your trip at short notice. We’ll always do what we can to re-book your dates, but we can’t promise
  11. If we’ve met or surpassed your expectations, we’d really, really appreciate a lovely 5 star review. You can review us on our website, Facebook and/or Trip Advisor. If we haven’t, refer to Number 1 and let us fix any problems as soon as possible

If you’re in a bell tent:

  • Unlike the bunkhouse, lovely snug duvets, pillows and other bedding is provided. You’ll still need to bring your own towels though
  • No muddy boots in the tents. Please bring flip flops or something similar. You’ll need something easy to slip on to pop to the loo in the middle of the night
    Without power for the hoover, it’s hard to clean the floors in the bell tents. It takes a long time to clean and changeover each tent when you leave. We’d appreciate it if you continued to keep gravel & mud out of the tents even when collecting luggage
  • Keep zips tightly closed in wet weather as much as possible; the tents can take a while to dry out if rain gets in
  • Please keep muddy paws, and feet, off the bedlinen. The mud at Warren stains easily. And if we can’t get the mud out, we have to replace the linen. No matter how well washed we promise they are, you wouldn’t want to sleep in stain sheets.
  • We take great care to keep the compost loos smelling sweet and operating well. Please be careful about what goes down them. No baby wipes, condoms, nappies, sanitary products, plastic bags or anything else that isn’t biodegradable. You can collect more of the special toilet paper and sawdust from the barn

If you’re in the bunkhouse:

  • No muddy boots in the bedroom or shower, please
  • It’s a bunkhouse, so you’ll need to bring sleeping bags or other bedding as well as your own towels. Pillows are provided
  • The bunkhouse will usually be ready for you to settle into as soon as you arrive, but in order to make sure we’re ready for the next party you will be expected to help out by stripping beds & emptying bins before you go
  • Watch your head! The door into the Bunkhouse is traditional Welsh – in other words, very low but wide. Please be careful
  • The bunkhouse is not suitable for infants, children or dogs. Please book a bell tent instead
  • Like the rest of the farm, the waste water system is a venerable age and needs to be treated a bit gently. Help us minimise future problems by being careful about things that go down the drains, especially the loos. No baby wipes, condoms, nappies, sanitary products or anything else that isn’t biodegradable. You can collect more of the special toilet paper from the barn