Bell tent glamping at
Warren Farm, Wales

The pandemic has hit us all in so many ways. Lockdown has severely limited our opportunities to get out there and enjoy life the way we normally might. Our, and our childrens', mental health has suffered. Some of us are unexpectedly without work, many for the first time ever. 

It's made us here at Warren Farm, Wales even more acutely aware of how fortunate we are to be able to live here. How much we all rely on others in difficult times. And how important being occupied and productive is to our mental wellness.

If any of the above has affected you, then a mutually-beneficial work exchange break might be the perfect solution for you and your family.

Exchange your help for a trip to Pembrokeshire

Each exchange is unique, but we can offer short or longer stays in self-contained accommodation (so we’re as Covid-safe as possible):

And yes, we’re dog-friendly. Our two hounds, Spike & Jack, love making new friends.

More hands make light work, whatever your skill

We’re open to suggestions about what skills you could offer.
It could be something simple, like help with cleaning the tents between guests, running the mower over the endless & ever-growing grass, or some digging. Guy-rope-holding is a much valued skill when we’re pitching tents!

Or perhaps you have an idea for some artwork? Rabbit/hare themed is always popular, given our name. Or some outdoor play kit or landscaping for children &/or dogs? Or some nifty improvement we could add to the tents or cabins?

There are some things where variety is really appreciated, especially wonderful photos of Warren Farm and wider Pembrokeshire that we can freely use on our website or in our marketing. It’s great to see ourselves through others’ eyes.

Sometimes we have specific projects that we need extra hands for, like our mission to plant around 3,000 trees during the winter of 2019-20. We’ve got some fencing going in soon, but it would be great to add some windbreak fabric to it to give ourselves a bit more wind protection.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any particular skills. We always have a few jobs that almost anybody can pick up. In fact, you might even learn a new skill: Claire, one of our regular visitors, was very impressed when she learnt how to tank (waterproof) a wall a few years ago.

Let us know what suits you & what you could offer

What others say about work exchanges

I’m so used to coming down to the farm, I forget what a privilege it is to have this opportunity. Pembrokeshire really is stunning, and the weekends at the farm are always great fun.
Paul, one of our regulars

When you said you’d feed me well, I didn’t realise that that meant I’d put on 3lbs in just a few days. Cake, bbq, nom!
Shell, another now-regular, after her first visit

I can vouch for the food Hannah makes, having volunteered with her to plant trees ? It’s epic ?
Scott, recommending us to other Yes Tribe members after a fully-catered tree-planting weekend