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Walking the dog…

Out at Warren Farm, we’re happy to welcome any well-behaved dogs. And by well-behaved, we mean the simple things, like being human- & other dog-friendly; keeping the barking, whimpering & begging to a minimum; and not heading for the hills at the merest hint of an open gate. At Warren Farm, Wales Our dog, Jack,


Rave reviews

Facebook followers (you’re friends with WarrenFarm InWarren, right?) will have noticed our recent request for reviews. As part of our mission to help more people realise what wonders they’re missing out on by not popping down to Pembrokeshire, we’ve been asking for friends & visitors to write reviews for the bunkhouse on TripAdvisor & other

Molly’s a star

Jane found this YouTube clip of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path near the farm. Not only can you see the farm, but our beloved old sheep dog, Molly, also had a supporting role:

Blue Lagoon

Wings over Wales – part 2

Well, the excitement is over, the dives have been judged and the winner announced. And it was a win for Brit Gary Hunt. (http://warrenfarm NULL.jpg) According to the Red Bull website, Gary was determined to win last weekend. Not just because he wants to win the series (for the fourth time, no less). Not

Weekend working

As you’ll have seen, we recently held our first weekend of the year. The weather so far this year hasn’t been great, so we planned for a mostly indoor weekend. The to-do list included lots of things to get the kitchen that little bit further on, but we also made space for a few outdoor