beaches close to the farm

West Angle Bay, a short drive from Warren Farm, Wales

West Angle bay. A lovely toddler-friendly beach

West Angle bay takes a while to get to, located as it is beyond Angle out on the western tip of the southern peninsular. But with its sheltered location and multiple coves, it’s a fantastic beach for toddlers and smaller kids. It’s also great for more adventurous teenagers. In fact, it’s the beach Hannah’s grandparents took her to the most often up until the age of about five. It was a regular feature of her bike expeditions with friends when she was older. Read More …

Freshwater East

Freshwater East. A brilliant family beach

Freshwater East, or Fresh East as it’s known locally, used to be one of the more popular beaches, but is much more quiet now with the increasing popularity of other beaches. This a great beach for all the family, as it has a great mix of golden sand, easy access, lots of rock pools and of


Barafundle. A World Top Ten Beach

Barafundle is one of the most spectacular beaches in Pembrokeshire. It used to only be known to locals. Now with reviews in The Sunday Times, inclusion in World Top Ten lists and the like, its beauty is more widely known, meaning it can get busy in peak season. Read More …


Broadhaven South. Great for tots and teens

Despite the name being somewhat of a misnomer (it’s not as wide as Broad Haven North but is quite a deep beach) Broadhaven South is a classic Pembrokeshire beach, with golden sands stretching far back towards Bosherston Lilyponds.
It has great surf as well as a sheltered lagoon, making it great for families with a mix of big and little ones. Read More …

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Sand between our toes – beaches south of the Haven

We’ve had a few raised eyebrows at our claim that there are nearly 90 beaches in Pembrokeshire. It’s true to say that our total includes some very tiny, isolated beaches & coves, including some that you can only get to by sea, but we’re happy to prove our claim with Part 1 of a listing

Heavy frost on Freshwater West
Freshwater West

Christmas on the beach – Pembrokeshire style

We usually go for a walk on the beach on Boxing Day. It’s the perfect way to clear away the cobwebs and freshen up after a day of feasting. This year we had a change of agenda & made it to Freshwater West (http://warrenfarm on Christmas Day. We caught the last of the very