Freshwater East. A brilliant family beach

What it's like

Big sandy bay, so there’s plenty of space for everyone. Depending on how stormy the previous winter was, there may be bands where the shingle shows through. It’s fab beach for exploring rock pools, as there are plenty at either end. There’s a major freshwater stream joining the beach alongside the path, which is great for building dams across. There are also smaller streams cascading down the cliffs to the east.

The beach is backed by dunes peppered with residential & holiday homes, many of which are still wooden chalets & villa built in the 1930’s. Beyond the dunes to the east, there’s a wooded hill criss-crossed with paths up to chalets and to the Freshwater Inn pub. Be careful: it’s easy to get a bit lost.

To the west, the valley floor is home to a holiday chalet complex, complete with pub & shop.

What to do when you're there

Other things you should know about it

The car park is paid. Parking in the holiday park is for customers only.
Toilets are on the path that runs beside the stream.
The polaroid above (of our family at Freshwater East, way back in the 70’s) shows the old shop in the background. A source of buckets, spades and icecreams that has now been demolished but is still fondly remembered.
The wonderful photo above taken from the east is from the amazing galleries of over 2,000 photos taken by amateur photographer David Evans – go see more of his work at Pembrokeshire Coastal Photography (https://www NULL.pemcoastphotos

How to get there

From Lamphey:
Take the B4584 to Freshwater East. This is quite an awkward junction, with Lower Lamphey Road joining the A4319, and the B4584 turning off Lower Lamphey Road almost immediately.
Turn right down the big hill towards the beach.
Take a right at the bottom of the hill to access the main car park; continue a little further & take a left to access the disabled car park.

From Warren:
Head back towards Pembroke along the B4319.
Take a right towards Stackpole village, a little way after the turning to Bosherston, through the woods.
Continue through Stackpole, past the turnings to Stackpole Elidor and Stackpole Quay, through East Trewent & down the hill to Freshwater East beach.
The car park is on the left, just after the holiday village & the little bridge. The disabled car park is on the right.

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Freshwater East. A brilliant family beach

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