H at Warren Farm

Beach safety – rip currents

There are a huge variety of beaches in Pembrokeshire (http://warrenfarm NULL.wales/sand-between-our-toes-beaches-south-of-the-haven/), each with their own special character. Whether you’re swimming, surfing or taking part in some other watersport, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of the sea. Most folk using our beaches are probably aware that there might be currents & rips and

Heavy frost on Freshwater West
Freshwater West

Christmas on the beach – Pembrokeshire style

We usually go for a walk on the beach on Boxing Day. It’s the perfect way to clear away the cobwebs and freshen up after a day of feasting. This year we had a change of agenda & made it to Freshwater West (http://warrenfarm NULL.wales/beach-review-freshwater-west/) on Christmas Day. We caught the last of the very