Barafundle. A World Top Ten Beach

Barafundle is one of the most spectacular beaches in Pembrokeshire. It used to only be known to locals. Now, with reviews in The Sunday Times and the like, it’s beauty is more widely known, meaning it can get busy in peak season.

What it’s like

An amazing medium sized beach of pale golden sand, backed by extensive dunes. This beach is a slight challenge to get to, accessible only along the Coast Path from Broad Haven South or, more usually, from Stackpole Quay.
It is regularly recommended for families. But the distance from the car park & toilets and the long sets of steps up and down make it more suitable for when the kids are old enough to carry their own clobber, and to head off to the loo by themselves.

What to do when you’re there

  • Take a walk along the Coast Path in the direction you didn’t arrive from. Both offer spectacular views of the coast and especially of Barafundle. From the top of the steps, you can look over the Deer Park wall to the beach below. From the west, you can catch glimpses of the beach beautifully framed by the woods.
  • Take a trip to nearby Stackpole Quay. Make sure you stop before going down the steps to admire the view of the Quay and the fabulously striated headlands to the east.
  • If you have a small row boat or a sea kayak, consider launching from Stackpole Quay & paddling round to Barafundle. It’s not a lot more effort than walking. Even better if you bring a bag of charcoal and a fishing rod. You might end up having freshly caught and grilled mackerel for dinner.
  • If you’re an early bird, Barafundle is one of our best beaches nearby for a beautiful sunrise. Finish your day off with a sunset at Fresh West for the complete Pembrokeshire sunrise/sunset experience.
  • Head down to Barafundle later in the day if you’d like to experience its beauty in more solitude. It’s an east-facing beach, so it loses the sun… and its occupants… earlier than other beaches.

Other things you should know about it

The closest facilities are at Stackpole Quay. It’s a 10-20 minute walk back from the beach, including a steep climb, so take the opportunity to use the loos and grab a cold drink or an ice cream as you pass.

Barafundle was one of the stars in the film Third Star, about a group of friends making their way to the beach that they loved as children. Although a bit of a trek to get to, it really doesn’t take the days portrayed. Nor, for that matter, do you need to catch a ferry to it.

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How to get there

From Warren, head back towards Pembroke along the B4319. Take a right towards Stackpole village, a little way after the turning to Bosherston, through the woods. Continue through Stackpole and past the turning to Stackpole Elidor. Take the next right to Stackpole Quay. Park in the car park, walk towards the Quay for a short distance before heading right up & over the headland to the Deer Park wall and the long flight of steps leading down to the beach.

Alternate routes are to park at Broad Haven South and walk over the headland, or at Stackpole House or Bosherston. Walk around the Lilyponds, cross Eight Arch Bridge and head on over the hill to Stackpole Quay and then on to Barafundle.