Flimston. A classic Pembrokeshire secret beach

Flimston is often overlooked – literally, as it’s easily spotted from the cliff top – but not visited by many. Usually only accessed by climbers, you have to be quite an intrepid explorer to venture down to it.

What it’s like

One of our smaller beaches, it has golden sands liberally sprinkled with rocks. It’s one of the south-western-most beaches, so benefits from a large swell, but is surprisingly sheltered especially compared to other nearby beaches.

Being so difficult to get to, it’s still very natural, with lots of driftwood piled up under the cliffs.

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What to do when you’re there

  • Enjoy having the beach to yourself – even in summer, you’re likely to be the only ones that have braved the descent
  • See what you can spot amongst the driftwood
  • Look out for climbers enjoying the cliffs of Range West
  • Take a tour around Castle Head to see the natural formation of the headland (sort of a triangular Greek Key effect) and the amazing Neolithic fortifications. The many ramparts still visible must have been extra formidable before thousands of years of erosion. Especially when you think that they would have been topped with wooden palisades.

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Other things you should know about it:

The cliffs at the western side are quite loose & there’s been quite a substantial landslide in recent years. This makes it harder to get down to Flimston & is quite a hazard in itself, but also hints that more slides might be due at any time – please be extra careful.

How to get there

The nearest car park is at Stack Rocks/Green Bridge of Wales, so from the farm head straight south beside our meadow & then over the range. Once you’ve parked, walk east along the coast path until you’re just past Castle Head. There’s one place where the very adventurous can clamber down unaided, but we recommend using proper climbing equipment and take all appropriate precautions.

Alternatively, you could get there by boat but be prepared for the heavy swell.

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