Walking the dog…

Out at Warren Farm, we’re happy to welcome any well-behaved dogs. And by well-behaved, we mean the simple things, like being human- & other dog-friendly; keeping the barking, whimpering & begging to a minimum; and not heading for the hills at the merest hint of an open gate.

At Warren Farm, Wales

  • Our dog, Jack, loves meeting other dogs but understands if your dog isn’t interested in being friends. He also loves children and women. He’s a rescue dog and can be nervous of men. Let him come to you for best results.
  • Our bell tents are dog friendly, but unfortunately the bunkhouse isn’t.
  • The mud at Warren Farm stains easily: please keep muddy paws (and feet) off the bedlinen. We have special red dog blankets if you’d like to cover up.
  • We generally keep the bottom gate shut unless we have guests staying in the field. The gate to the farmyard is usually open. We’ve not (yet) had any four-legged friends escape through it as it’s so far from the tents in the copse. But we’re happy to shut it if you’re worried.
  • Please clean up after your dog. Please dispose the waste down your compost loo – unbagged, of course. Bagged waste goes into the black bins.
  • If you’d like to let your dog have a long run off the lead, our 9 acre field across the lane is fully enclosed.

Around Pembrokeshire

Our travels with Jack have highlighted some general rules of thumb to be aware of when out & about with your hound:

  • Most pub beer gardens welcome dogs on leads, but only a handful welcome dogs indoors. One of our locals, St Govan’s Inn in Bosherston, welcomes quiet dogs in the bar. Perfect if you fancy a pint & a bite after walking around the Lilyponds or on your return from Broad Haven South.
  • Rural beaches are generally open to dogs all year round, including Freshwater West (http://warrenfarm NULL.wales/2010/06/beach-review-freshwater-west/), Broad Haven South (http://warrenfarm NULL.wales/2012/11/beach-review-broadhaven-south/) and West Angle Bay (http://warrenfarm NULL.wales/2012/05/beach-review-west-angle-bay/).
  • If you’re on National Trust-owned land you may be asked to keep your pooch on a lead from May to September.
  • More popular beaches, especially those with adjacent towns or more heavily-frequented by families, are often closed to dogs altogether during the summer season. Please check before heading out.

Of course, wherever you go, please do clean up & dispose of properly after your furry friend. Fellow dog-owners who want to retain access to local amenities, families with barefoot members, and especially watersports fans diving through waves, will all thank you.

Dog friendly cafes and pubs

  • Cwtch Coffee, Pembroke Dock – tiny but totally dog friendly
  • St Govan’s Inn, Bosherston – just turn up, they’ll find you a space
  • Food at Williams, Pembroke – sit outside in their walled courtyard
  • Cosheston Brewery, Cosheston – book a dog friendly table in advance
  • The Sandbar, Tenby – sit outside in their mews