Weekend working

As you’ll have seen, we recently held our first weekend of the year.

The weather so far this year hasn’t been great, so we planned for a mostly indoor weekend. The to-do list included lots of things to get the kitchen that little bit further on, but we also made space for a few outdoor tasks, like mowing the lawns – which turned out to be a good thing as Friday & Saturday were gloriously sunny in the end!

We also squeezed in an amazing amount of sightseeing, taking our volounteers new & old to Fresh West, Fresh East, Manorbier, Tenby, Saundersfoot, Carew Castle, Green Bridge of Wales, Stack Rocks, St Govan’s Chapel… and probably a few more that I can’t remember right now – it was all a blur of good times, photo opportunities, brisk walks, and a fabulous warm up over coffee & hot chocolate at St Bride’s Hotel.

Here’s some evidence: