Beach review – Broadhaven South

Despite the name being somewhat of a misnomer (it’s not as wide as Broad Haven North but is quite a deep beach) Broadhaven South is a classic Pembrokeshire beach, with golden sands stretching far back towards Bosherston Lilyponds.

What it’s like

A beautiful pale gold sandy beach surrounded by National Trust land. A long series of steps leads down from the car park at the south west side of the beach. The path around Bosherston Lilyponds joins the beach at the north.
Two island outcrops dominate the beach. Church Rock (so named because from certain angles it does indeed look like a church with a spire at one end) is a short distance out to sea. Star Rock at the west end of the beach can be climbed when the tide is lower.
There’s a long lagoon down the east side of the beach, created by the outflow from the Lilyponds.


What to do when you’re there

  • Stop off at Ye Olde Tea Rooms in Bosherston for tea & cakes. Auntie Vi doesn’t prepare a terribly extensive menu, but she’s been a Pembrokeshire institution for decades. On sunny days, there are plenty of tables outside the ivy-covered cottage; on cooler or rainy days, sitting down inside in the old front parlour is like being transported back to the 1940’s.
  • Take a walk around the lilyponds. Offering welcome dappled shade on the hottest days, the path wanders around the three branches of the ponds and over a series of bridges. Some are wide enough to drive a horse & carriage over, other barely wide enough to walk over. Eight Arch Bridge is particularly pretty, and if you can time it so the lilies are out (early summer) then you’ll have the added bonus of the glorious flora along with the many fauna (otters in particular, if you can catch these shy creatures) & fish that can be seen.
  • Have some food from the Slow Pig trailer in the carpark above the beach. All their meat is home reared. The ice cream is pretty good, too.
  • If there’s time, stop off at Stackpole Walled garden. You can also pick up some veg grown onsite at the Mencap gardens.

Other things you should know about it

There really are two S’s in Bosherston. Many visitors accidentally pronounce it as “Bosher-ton”, without the second S. Of course, if you really want to sound like you know what you’re doing, just call it “Bosh”…!

The car parks in Bosh village and at Stackpole Court used to be free, which meant that you could enjoy a leisurely walk around the beautiful lilyponds and down to the beach. Unfortunately the National Trust have in recent years started charging for both of these too.

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How to get there

From Warren, head back to Pembroke along the B4319 and take the turning right signposted to Bosherston. Pass through the village, and take a left turn to Broadhaven (marked by a brown National Trust sign). Follow the lane to the National Trust (paid) car park at the very end.