Beach review – Manorbier

The village of Manorbier is blessed with three beaches: Precipe, Skrinkle and Manorbier. But its namesake beach is the most well-known, and historically, the best loved. As far back as the 1190’s, Gerald of Wales or Giraldus Cambrensis gave it a rave review. He described the village as “in all the broad lands of Wales, Manorbier is the most pleasant place by far”

What it’s like

Small sandy bay backed by a shingle band and low dunes, with rocky reef to the west. The beach is overlooked by the imposing Manorbier Castle to the north and by the Neolithic King’s Quoit on the cliff path to the south east.


What to do when you’re there

  • Learn to surf! Depending on the conditions, local surf schools frequently use Manorbier for their courses
  • Try to identify the other beaches across the bay (hint: one is Fresh East)
  • Look for watercress growing in the pools further up the stream. But as it is easy to mix it up with deadly Water Dropwort or Hemlock, please don’t eat any unless you are sure. There are foraging identification books in the library in the barn if you want to check.
  • Have a drink at Castlemead for fabulous views of the castle, beach & beyond

Other things you should know about it

The castle has been used for film locations (http://warrenfarm, including “I capture the castle”.

Nearby beaches

  • Skrinkle
  • Precipe
  • Freshwater East (http://warrenfarm
  • Stackpole Quay (http://warrenfarm

How to get there

From Tenby, head west along the A4139 (signposted Pembroke), past Penally & Lydstep. Take a left along the B4585 to the village (it’s a loop off the A4139, so you have two chances) to the village. Head down the hill past the castle to the paid car park at the bottom, or continue a little further up the next hill to access some limited but free spaces.

From Warren, head back towards Pembroke and take the A4139 east towards Tenby. Take a right along the B4585 to the village. Head down the hill past the castle.

There’s also a sneaky back-lane route from for the brave: from the farm, turn off the A4139 after Bosh through the woods to Stackpole, on through Fresh East village & along a tiny lane at the end of Jason Road that’s marked ‘unsuitable for motor traffic’. Briefly join the A4239 heading east before taking the next right, and right again at the next crossroads to approach the beach from the west headland. But be prepared to reverse long distances & have to squeeze into tiny passing places.