Sand between our toes – beaches south of the Haven


We’ve had a few raised eyebrows at our claim that there are nearly 90 beaches in Pembrokeshire. It’s true to say that our total includes some very tiny, isolated beaches & coves, including some that you can only get to by sea, but we’re happy to prove our claim with Part 1 of a listing of those we’ve counted, starting with beaches & coves south of Milford Haven/the Cleddau River, clockwise from the south eastern boundary of Pembrokeshire. Part 2 (http://warrenfarm covering north of the Haven to follow shortly.

  1. Amroth
  2. Wisemans Bridge
  3. Coppet Hall
  4. Saundersfoot
  5. Monkstone
  6. Glen Beach
  7. Waterwynch
  8. Second Bay
  9. First Bay
  10. North Beach, Tenby
  11. Tenby Harbour
  12. Castle Beach, Tenby
  13. The Paragon, Tenby
  14. South Beach, Tenby
  15. Priory Beach on Caldey Island
  16. Sandtop on Caldey Island
  17. Bullum’s Bay on Caldey Island
  18. Jones Bay on Caldey Island
  19. Penally
  20. Lydstep Haven
  21. Swanlake Bay
  22. Manorbier (http://warrenfarm
  23. Skrinkle
  24. Precipe
  25. Freshwater East (http://warrenfarm
  26. Stackpole Quay (http://warrenfarm
  27. Barafundle Bay (http://warrenfarm
  28. Broad Haven South (http://warrenfarm
  29. Bullslaughter Bay
  30. Flimston Bay (http://warrenfarm
  31. Frainslake
  32. Freshwater West (http://warrenfarm
  33. West Angle Bay (http://warrenfarm
  34. East Angle Bay
  35. Rhoscrowther
  36. Llanreath

Part 2

Part 2 (http://warrenfarm of our list covers all the beaches we’ve counted north of Milford Haven.

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