What is a Working Weekend?

Fancy getting away from your daily grind? Thinking you’d like to do something different? Something that’s a big change from sitting a desk all day? How about a trip to glorious coastal Pembrokeshire for a bit of manual labour and a lot of fun?

We’re in the long – and sometimes tedious – process of renovating our rather dilapidated farm. And by we, I mean just me, Hannah, & my poor old overworked mum, Jane.

Exchange your help for bed, board, and a trip to Pembrokeshire

To help buoy our spirits as well as speed things along, we host weekends a few times a year. We exchange board & camping for a few hours of your work each day. You’ll be well fed on homegrown & homemade food. And we’ll also throw in a few trips to local beaches, castles or whatever else appeals. Evenings usually involve a sociable barbecue or group meal. We sometimes barbecue in the polytunnel if the weather is poor. So you’ll leave the farm not only with the glow of a job well done, but with a host of new friends as well.

More hands make light work, whatever your skill

Don’t worry if you don’t have any particular skills. We always have a few jobs that almost anybody can pick up. In fact, you might even pick up a new skill: Claire, one of our regular visitors, was very impressed when she learnt how to tank – waterproof – a wall.

A typical weekend

To give you an idea of a typical day, we start off with a serve-yourself breakfast until 9.30am, when the working day begins in earnest. We  work until 2pm, squeezing in a proper Elevensies with lashings of yummy homemade cake (be warned – we do mean lashings – remember to pack your self-control!). Lunch is usually quite a leisurely affair, often lasting until well after 3pm, though we sometimes opt for a picnic lunch to eat later on our travels. During the afternoon, you’re welcome to relax around the farm – perhaps indulging in a dip in our giant paddling pool – or join us on a trip out to explore Pembrokeshire. We all gather back at the farm by around 7.30pm, for an evening of socialising and yet more eating. Depending on the weather and whatever entertainment we can rustle up, we might barbecue in the lush surroundings of the polytunnel patio, dance in a barn, warm ourselves around a big bonfire, or have a companionable feast around the kitchen table. A lucky few will then retire to sleep in our ever-so-comfy bunkhouse, whilst others opt for a night under canvas.

What others say about the weekends

Quote from Paul, one of our regulars:
“I’m so used to coming down to the farm, I forget what a privilege it is to have this opportunity. Pembrokeshire really is stunning, and the weekends at the farm are always great fun.”

Quote from Shell, another now-regular, after her first visit:
“When you said you’d feed me well, I didn’t realise that that meant I’d put on 3lbs in just a few days. Cake, bbq, nom!”

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