The Warren Farm, Wales family

There’s quite a large wider Warren Farm family, but the core team is quite small


Jane is almost always at Warren Farm, WalesJane is the permanent fixture at the farm, holding the fort all year round. Her main task is to man the laundry, keeping all our bedlinen beautifully washed and crisply ironed.

She loves to work in the garden growing delicious fruit and veg – though lawn mowing is much less appealing. In between showing off her growing & sowing skills, she does quite a bit of DIY (though she is not as skilled as H).

Jane is rubbish at cooking, but a dab hand at preparing all the vegetables she grows, loading the dishwasher and all those other chores that keep the kitchen going.

Hannah, also known as H
Hannah icing cup cakes at Warren Farm, Wales

H only gets to help out at the farm part-time at the moment, with paid work getting in the way far too often, but someone has to pay the bills!

She’s very much looking forward to opening up more & more of the farm to visitors, particularly the coffee bar, but in the meantime has to make do with baking her socks off for Volunteer Weekends. If you haven’t put on a pound or two during your stay, even with all the hard work, she’d feel like she’d failed you

The animals

Jack is our rescue collie. He is very friendly with women and children, but still nervous of men. We think he’s frightened that you might steal him away from us. Whilst he’s still settling in, it’s best to ignore him until he’s ready to come to you. Whether someone is throwing it for him to fetch or whether he’s quietly tearing off the yellow fluff, he’s in seventh heaven when he has a ball.

Merlin & Tobit by the RayburnMerlin is our big, cuddly Siamese cross with china blue crossed-eyes cat who loves people. Despite being a great teddy bear and having cross-eyes (which you would think would hinder him) he’s an excellent hunter and often leaves ‘presents’ for us – delightful!

Lastly there’s Tobit, who thinks he’s a miniature panther, stalking around the place like he owns it. Whilst he’s normally a bit of a thug and it’s best not to try and pick him up, he does have his friendly moments and can purr with the best of them.

And as for the neighbours! With all the badgers, foxes, squirrels, bats, buzzards, swallows in the spring and summer, murmurations of starlings, pheasants, lots of the common wild birds and last, but not least, grey seals off the nearby cliffs, it’s hard not to realise just how busy the countryside really is.

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