Car-free Coast Path

We usually recommend that folk bring their car if they are planning to visit Pembrokeshire. Many of our most unspoilt beaches are pretty far off the beaten track. After all, it’s their seclusion that often makes them so special. But not everybody can or chooses to drive. The National Parks website has recently published car-free guides for making the most of the nation’s National Parks. The Pembrokeshire one (http://www NULL.nationalparks has lost of tips on getting to Pembrokeshire by train, bus and ferry, and around our beautiful county on the bus, train and by bike. It also provides access to other resources, such as recommendations for maps and guides.

Our best tips for walking the Coast Path by public transport:

  • catch the bus to the start of your walk, rather than plan to meet it at the end. There’s nothing worse than having to rush in case you miss the last bus for hours, or worse, the last bus of the day!
  • plan shorter walks than you would normally aim for. The Pembrokeshire Coast is surprisingly hilly, with lots of short inclines that are too little to be marked on maps. Overall, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path has more ascent than climbing Everest. We know, we’ve walked it.
  • choose a base to stay that’s well located for your plans. For example as we’re right in the centre of the Pembroke Peninsular our bunkhouse is the ideal base for walking around 35 miles of the Coast Path. Why change accommodation when you can reach so much from just one place?
  • if you’re planning to walk the whole path take advantage of luggage transfer services like Walkalongway. (http://walkalongway That way, you don’t have to carry all of your possessions with you when you move from place to place.
  • check whether your bus route has a diversion in operation before you set out for the day. Our local routes 387 & 388 (http://www NULL.pembrokeshire NULL.asp?nav=838,1629,839,1038&parent_directory_id=646&id=11492&Language=) change according to access. If the Army are using Castlemartin Range West, the bus comes right past our front door
  • if you catch the train to Pembrokeshire, try to get a seat facing away from travel when leaving Swansea for a much better view of the scenic coastal route

Of course, if you’re thinking of visiting us don’t forget that we usually have copies of maps and guidebooks, including the one by Brian John, that you can borrow during your stay and, better still, we might even be able to drop you off or pick you up from your walk, train, bus or ferry.