St Jude & the Loving Stone

We were recently visited by St Jude – not a religious pilgrimage but a major storm that disrupted travel by road, rail & air across southern Britain. At the farm, the torrential rain caused veritable ponds to appear across the farmyard during the short but intense cloud bursts. The Warren microclimate was in force as usual, as the short deluges were interspersed with long spells of blue cloudless skies.  We made good use of the unexpected dry weather with lots of tidying away of tools and materials to their respective sheds, and of the rain as well, as it proved the recent re-sealing around the gas pipe for the cooker had solved the flooding in the kitchen.

The wind, however, was a different matter; that didn’t let up at all & we’ve now got lots of leaves & debris to tidy away some time. More dramatically, it brought down a mature tree at Loveston Farm, entirely blocking the road for a few hours. Heading out from the peninsular to pop into Harford for some DIY supplies, we were rather confused by the traffic cones blocking the road… until we realised that the straight stretch of road ended abruptly in dense greenery. One quick detour via St Twynnell’s later & we were back on our way. It was all sorted out by our return, with the only evidence being the remains of the 1m+ diameter tree trunk sawn off as it met the roadside wall. One day, we’ll stop to count the rings to see quite how venerable it was.


And if you’re wondering about the Loving Stone that gives Loveston Farm its name, check out the full explanation in the Archives