Easter eggs

Easter has come and gone, and with it our first Volunteer Weekend of the year. Normally, we’d post an update on how it went, but not this year. Partly that’s because we’re too exhausted to think right now, but also because we can’t wait any longer to show off the Easter eggs I made on a course recently.

First we were taught how to temper chocolate, raising the temperature, then cooling and then warming it a second time. Then we prepared our moulds, polishing them so that the finished eggs would shine. And lastly, the fun part: getting stuck in with the white & dark chocolate.

We were encouraged to use a piping bag of melted white chocolate to apply decoration to the surface of the eggs before flooding with dark chocolate to construct the shell. For my first attempt, I opted for a fairly classic look, with white chocolate drizzle on one side and swirly spots on the other.

For my second egg, I let my creative side loose. Playing with the very runny white chocolate, I produced a rather whimsical (if a little cross-eyed) rabbit, complete with furry ears and piped fluffy tail!

Both were filled with chocolates, and both disappeared very quickly – though Shell had to look the other way while we dismantled the bunny.

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