Gearing up for good times

We’re in full panic mode this week: our first visitors of the year are expected at the weekend. And as always there’s a long list of last minute jobs that suddenly spring to mind, not to mention the law of Sod that always seems to apply when we’re pressed for time.

We’ve been furiously trying to get the kitchen, if not finished, then at least usable. The oven is connected, there’s a man coming to hook up the hob to gas on Thursday, the fridge arrives on Wednesday, the water heater is in, and we now have acres of beautiful oak worktop in place & oiled. The big difficulty right now is trying to get the taps & sink in.

It was hard enough to drill through the solid oak, but now that we have, the taps are refusing to sit straight. And what’s worse, the fittings seemed designed for a paper-thin worktop – we’ve had to be quite ingenious to get it all to meet up. We haven’t dared turn on the water yet, first leaving ourselves a little time to mull things over & spot anything we did wrong.

We’re hoping that this weekend, with all the ‘many hands’, might see the tiling done, and perhaps even the cooker hood installed. After that, well, it’s the home straight, with just the new powerpoints, the alcoves & shelves, the other three lights, the mantlepiece, the tongue & groove cladding, the new big blackboard and the windowsill to go – easy peasy!

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