Farm Tour – the West barn

The building on your right as you come into the farmyard is known as the West barn. It has two floors with an external stone staircase to reach the top floor.
The West barn is mentioned on our Listing for a couple of reasons:
• The upper floor was formerly used as a Sunday School
• Outside we have two original AA road signs, one on either side of the corner nearest the road (see related post)
When we took over the farm, the barn had been used to store loose feed: the ground floor had been lined with corrugated tin and there were heaps of spent grain & chaff in the corners. There was also an interesting-looking contraption stored at the other end. We think it might be a bagging machine, designed to load sacks with grain or perhaps potatoes.
We’ve replaced doors & done some general tidying up, but perhaps the biggest change so far with the West barn is the removal of the rotten floor & joists. The existing floor was incredibly unsafe, with broken & rotten beams, missing planks and woodworm-eaten woodwork throughout, not to mention the gaping hole where a large amount of floor had fallen away over the years. Easter 2010 saw a task force focussed on this momentous project: it was all hands to deck with sledgehammers, mallets and crowbars. Followed by one of our largest ever bonfires.
Now that the barn is empty & free from hazard we’ve been making use of the space, including having a few parties and using it for renovation activities such as painting when the weather is a little bit inclement.

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