Farm Tour – the Implement Shed

The Implement Shed is one of the most easily recognisable buildings on the farm, with its three arched and one square doorway.

Originally designed to maintain & store large farm tools and carts, the range was divided into three parts. At the western end, we still use the workshop as a tool shed, though admittedly now for tools & materials for the refurbishment rather than mechanical repairs. At the eastern end, the range terminated with a space that protruded out several metres into the farmyard but the separating wall and the additional space was demolished, we think, in the early 1970’s when the slate roof was replaced with the corrugated metal roof we have today. That ‘renovation’ also saw the roofline changed, with the front wall raised by a foot and the apex lowered by an estimated three or more foot. One day, we’d like to replace the metal roof with a more traditional slate one following the original profile.

The arches themselves have dressed stone pillars with brick arches, a feature that is rather upmarket for a farm of the period & stature – most of the rest of the farm is functional, almost utilitarian in design.

As part of our renovations, we’ve installed doors on the Implement Shed. These have been fitted behind the arches, to ensure that the beautiful stonework isn’t damaged.

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