Farm Tour – the Dairy

When we first took possession of the farm, the Dairy had been used by previous residents as extra accommodation and as a games suite. At one end there was a strange room-within-a-room construction that housed a bathroom, which we felt ought to have been condemned years ago. The rest of the room had had a pool table and another dartboard – perhaps the one in the kitchen was eventually relegated out here?

We’ve updated the bathing facilities, creating a small wetroom and squeezing in an additional toilet. We’re also keeping to the tradition of using the Dairy as extra accommodation, turning the remainder of the space into a rather well-appointed bunkhouse. As is usual for a Dairy, the room is well insulated & remains at a reasonably constant temperature throughout the year.

The slate floor is all original, and shows distinct marks from where dairy equipment was installed.

There are several architectural points of interest in the Dairy: one end has a striking curved wall, shaped around the back of the bread oven in the inglenook in the old Scullery. Part way along the length of the Dairy there’s a distinct change in the thickness of the walls, where the Dairy was once extended to double the size. This is one of the only alterations we can date, as the builder kindly carved the date – 1876 – into the roof beams. Outside, there’s the grain end of a huge beam bedded into the wall. We have no idea whether the beam went through the building or perhaps to another building that has since disappeared, but it is rather fine.

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