New directions

The route to the farm has changed slightly, after roadworks between Pembroke & Maidenwells have changed the priority. Instead of happily continuing up St Daniel’s Hill (B4319) and on through St Petrox until you pass Castlemartin Range, visitors will now have to take a left at the top of the hill – watch out for the signpost pictured below!Signpost to Castlemartin

But don’t worry if you miss the turning, there are several ways to get to the farm:

  1. As you leave Maidenwells, continue straight on when the road turns right. This will take you to St Twynells, where you can head either way around the hill just beyond the village to reach the farm. (Warren is signposted left which brings you out just past Merrion, but we think the right hand route along North Lane is slightly quicker).
  2. Alternatively, take the left in front of the Speculation Inn. After a few ups & downs over hills (Redford & Axton, respectively), there’ll be another left turn up Windmill Lane to Warren.
  3. Finally, if you make it all the way out to Freshwater West before realising you’ve missed the turning, simply carry on to Castlemartin. Head towards Warren at the Cattle Pound.

As always, keep an eye out for the church spire – the best landmark for miles around (yes, we’re discounting the refinery in our concept of ‘best’) is just across the lane from the farm.

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