Kitchen sink drama

Anyone who visited the farm last year, particularly at Easter, will know that we’ve been working towards putting in a fabulous new kitchen.

As with many projects, the scope of this one has turned out to be more extensive than first planned, with the refurb incorporating re-siting the Rayburn to another room, removing the old ceiling & replacing it with a fire-rated one, complete rewiring, major carpentry, all-new plumbing, tiling and more. The new design has more than a nod to the age of that part of the house, with fittings that have a slight Victorian flavour. Once it’s completed we’ll have a handbuilt kitchen with [gasp] hot water.

The latest phase has been to crack on with painting. Walls have been prepped, the ceiling undercoated, and the acres of new wood given multiple coats of undercoat. Some has, courtesy of a mini Volunteer Weekend with Shellbun & Bruce, even had a top coat applied.

The kitchen, with undercoat The kitchen, with green topcoat


There’s still a huge amount of painting to do, but Bun, Bruce & Hannah managed to do all of the awkward painting – much contorting was required to reach some bits – so Jane should be able to work her way through the remainder.

So far, we reckon we’ve gone through 25 litres of emulsion, 20 litres of undercoat, and about 10 litres of gloss. We’re probably only about a third of the way through, particularly the woodwork, so expect these numbers to increase hugely by the time we’re finished.

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