Book review: Pembrokeshire Coast Path, by Brian John

Whilst our favourite Coast Path walking tools still remain the now out-of-press cards formerly published by the National Park, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path: National Trail Guides (http://www are a more than adequate, if slightly heavier, substitute.

Following the modern approach of tackling the Coast Path in an anti-clockwise direction, the book breaks up the 180 miles+ length into a mere 12 sections, usually ranging between 12-17 miles. Perhaps the long distances of all but the last section are the reason why anti-clockwise is now a more popular way to best the path: the final push is a much more pleasurable 7 miles. Far easier to tackle when your muscles have seized up as a result of the preceeding 170-odd miles!

As a bonus, the books include slightly fuzzy maps of routes , as well as a number of circular walks to complement the main walk. But, as is usual with these types of books, the alternate route through Warren (which is the only option when the army range is in use and, to our mind, better option as it is far more scenic & with less nuisance from traffic) is only lightly touched on, with a brief mention of St Mary’s Church (opposite the farm) and the mammoth project undertaken by the German Army to restore it, but there are several photos of Freshwater West, the Green Bridge of Wales and other local highlights to compensate.

If you’re walking the Coast Path, this, a plastic coated map & a booking into our rather luxurious bunkhouse are all essential – don’t leave home without them!

Front cover of Pembrokeshire Coast Path, by Brian John

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