Jane is mobile – wahay!

The New Year always brings changes, and our first task this year was to get Jane mobile again.

After abortive visits to a stream of garages (not a nice experience: they were either totally disinterested or they attempted a hard sell, and what’s more, conveniently forgot to return Jane’s licence) we finally discovered that our favourite car brand, Fiat, have now got dealerships within striking distance, so we decided to take a look…

We found a 2 year old Doblo with low mileage and, with a little bribing with beetroot preserve, the salesman gave us a good price.

What is a Doblo you might ask? Well, it is very square, quite a lot of oomph, huge boot capacity (for dogs and rubbish) and big windows all round giving terrific visibility. Jane thinks of it as a greenhouse on wheels.

Silver Fiat Doblo

OK it’s not as snazzy as the Coupe (nor as yellow) but nevertheless Jane is over the moon to have her independence back and has been going to the beach a lot this week. With the return of warmer weather she won’t just be taking the dogs to the beach, but also exciting tasks like visiting the dump, visiting the builder’s merchants and lots of other things she couldn’t do without H to drive her. Will the excitement ever stop?!

The dogs have given their seal of approval.

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