Book review: Preserves & Pickles

This book (The Complete Book of Preserves & Pickles (http://www was a rather unpreposessing & inexpensive purchase whilst out & about one day – there’s a sticker on the front of our copy that indicates we bought it from the National Trust, but we can’t remember where, when or why. But of our collection of jam & chutney making books, it’s the one we return to time after time – as you can tell from looking at its sticky splattered pages.

Alongside dealing with our homegrown gluts, we’re also avid fans of the ‘knockdown’ section of our local supermarket: one christmas we managed to acquire nearly 10 kilos of strawberries for less than £2. We made strawberry millefeuille, Grandmother’s secret recipe Chamapgne Cup for our annual Wassail, and enough pots of jam to liberally share them with friends, family & neighbours as Christmas gifts whilst keeping us & Volunteers in jam for the entire year. And mangoes seem surprisingly unappreciated in our little corner of Wales too.

Anyway, we digress. Suffice it to say that we regularly have fruit & vegetables that are in need of special treatment, some of it rather more exotic than we are able to grow ourselves. A large proportion of the time, despite looking through a selection of books, we end up using a recipe from the Complete Book of Preserves & Pickles (http://www The Mango Chutney recipe gets regular outings, and has even converted Jane, who normally doesn’t care for that sort of thing. With the jam setting feature on our breadmaker, it’s hard to resist making way more of the sweet stuff than we could possibly eat.

We’ll try to feature recipes from time to time, so watch out for them.
Front cover of The Complete Book of Preserves & Pickles

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